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Top Environmental Protection Organizations

Wildlife Protection

The Jane Goodall Institute is a nonprofit founded by the famous scientist to further her mission of saving chimpanzees from habitat destruction and trafficking. The scope of the institute’s work now encompasses broader nature conservation with a focus on wildlife. The Jane Goodall Institute engages with the global community to educate and inspire people to take collective action, and it also works with communities living in wild spaces to improve their lives through conservation efforts.

Get involved: You can make a donation, become a chimp guardian, get involved in or lead a campaign, or shop products that give back. “

Ocean Conservation

5 Gyres Institute is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering individual and collective actions against the global crisis of plastic pollution. In addition to the hands-on work it does out in the oceans and on beaches, 5 Gyres Institute also contributes as a founding member to the Plastic Pollution Coalition where it works with global businesses and thought leaders to explore sustainable solutions to the many problems caused by plastic pollution.

Get involved: Make a donation, pledge to refuse a number of different plastic products, activate your community by becoming an ambassador, and shop items that help prevent plastic waste.

*Listen to its co-founder Dr. Marcus Eriksen speak on Green Dreamer Podcast Episode 103.

Bearfoot Theory

“Many people are wondering what they can do to have a positive impact on the environment. People are scared about the future of our public lands, climate change, survival of wildlife and so much more! The truth is…so are the nonprofits and environmental groups working in these areas, and they need YOUR HELP now more than ever.”

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