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Ecuador’s Amazon Degradation

1964 – 1990

“More than four hundred million barrels of toxic oil waste are released into watersheds from oil operations in the Amazon Rainforest over nearly thirty years, which the indigenous community contends causes widespread health problems. Indigenous communities sue for damages for cleanup in U.S. courts, but the case later moves to courts in Ecuador at Chevron’s request. Chevron argues Petroecuador, the state-owned oil firm it partnered with during that time period, is responsible for the environmental damage, and it files an international arbitration suit at The Hague against the Ecuadorian government for trying to avoid contractual responsibilities. In February 2011, Ecuador’s Supreme Court orders Chevron to pay $8.6 billion in damages, plus another $9 billion if the company does not apologize. But Chevron challenges the ruling. In 2018, a tribunal administered by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague rules in favor of Chevron, stating that the 2011 Supreme Court ruling was the result of fraud, bribery, and corruption. The court is still determining damages suffered by Chevron.” Council on Foreign Relations

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