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The Anthropocene Epoch (TAE) is the current extinction event beginning with rise of human agriculture around 12,000 years ago, fueled by the Industrial Revolution beginning around 1780 and finalized somewhere in the near future. There have been many natural causes of extinction events dating back 3.5 billion years including volcanic activity and meteor collisions with the Earth. The IPCC Climate Change Report 2021 cites harmful human activities as the cause of Earth’s climate changes. The rapid increase and intensity of otherwise natural occurrences in nature are cited as evidence of TAEN.


  1. Jeff Knittle Jeff Knittle September 17, 2021

    Such a sad truth. I live and think these things on a daily basis. Acting together has got to be the way….in conjunction with a new set of processes from the big companies who are led by a group of people so greedy, they can’t see past their bank accounts. Their accounts are so big it blocks their vision to the bigger part they are playing.and their place in our world, society and planet!

  2. JD Hunter JD Hunter Post author | September 17, 2021

    Thanks Jeff for your comments. The Anthropocene Epoch is nature’s response to our misuse of fossil fuels. The 2021 IPCC Sixth Assessment Report pretty much spells out the details. The proposed ‘solution’ to the problem depends on humans changing lifestyles (fossil fueled consumerism). Other online publications about The Anthropocene Epoch focus on the ‘solutions’ side of the climate change equation and exclude the more disturbing stuff. The Anthropocene Epoch News includes: Activism (solutions) – Science – Polluters (causes) along with editorials,. comments and recommendations for Eco-friendly products and services. Thanks again. JD

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